The Lymphatic System

What is the Lymphatic System?
The lymphatic system is like a vital 'RIVER OF LIFE' within us because it transports the fluid that cleanses every cell and organ in the body! It is THE pathway for TOXINS to exit from the blood and from the spaces between the cells. There are 17 trillion cells in the body. They are constantly exchanging substances within this space - called the interstitial space. The lymphatic system takes the toxic load and sends it out through the bladder, bowels, skin, and the lungs. The lymph system plays a key role in our IMMUNE FUNCTION. Infection - fighting white blood cells are transported via the lymph to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi within the lymph nodes. The nodes also filter out these pathogens and other toxins. Finally, there are LYMPH GLANDS like the tonsils & spleen which perform immune functions as well. To sum it up, we can say that the lymphatic system is essentially the information highway of our immune system and the pathway for toxic removal. In fact some say it IS the IMMUNE SYSTEM!

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