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Technical Section for Those who want to know more about the Technology
The Lymphstar Pro® Instrument Technology - What is it?  The Lymphstar Pro® is an electronic device that uses noble gases in glass tubes. The gases are excited (ionized by a high voltage field at low current (amperage).
  • The noble gases used are argon, xenon and krypton. These gases are natural in earth's atmosphere all the time, but in minute amounts. This mixture is custom made for us and it glows a bluish purple.
  • The therapy heads emit various fields of energy when touched onto the skin.  The primary action is an electrostatic field.  It is like a static electric spark received from walking across carpeting in dry climatic conditions and then discharged when touching a grounding surface. But thousands of these sparks are formed at the surface when touching the skin. The client does not feel the sparks if applying it on oneself (grounded).  If a therapist applies it, they use latex/plastic gloves or are taught how to ground while using.
    > This ionic field is then pulsed at low frequencies.  It is a pulsating field of static electric bursts at microamperes (millionths of an ampere). 

  • Next, the field is driven by a circuit that pulses it in a dynamic cycle, within a specific range of frequencies under 1,000 Hz. We call this pattern a 'dynamic wave - pulsed field.™ This proprietary process keeps your body from adapting to the energy over time, as well as provides richer fields of frequencies that the body can use.
  • Thus, it creates multiple harmonics and other subtle energies, a concept that allows the body to select from more energetic "information" within the frequencies. The Lymphstar energies are safe for most people*. There are no energies that can heat the tissue (non-thermal) or cause any harmful effects. *see contraindications below.

​Is there a theory or scientific rational behind the Lymphstar Pro®? Our Lymphatic Enhancement Technology™ can improve functions of the lymphatic system in 5 ways:
  1. Improves lymphatic circulation: Through excitation of the lymphatic portion of the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This enhances detoxification of toxins by increasing the FLOW and VOLUME (exchange) of circulating lymph fluid, thus increasing the rate of detoxification. This concurs with concepts in Western medical anatomy. See our study by Professor TE Croley [1]
  2. Increases the process of cellular respiration. The electrical properties of the cell membranes are enhanced, increasing the process of cellular respiration – creation of ATP, i.e. the Krebs cycle. First, the skin is oxygenated by the static electric field. Electrons are antioxidants. By donating electrons the trans-membrane electrical potential (TMP) is influenced and stimulated by the external (endogenous) electrical fields. [2] The lymphatic, pre-collector vessels are at the surface of the skin. 
  3. Moves randomly bonded proteins. This process can also influence the randomly bonded proteins that are stuck together on the cells surface as well in the interstitial spaces. These can create problems such as stagnant flow and fibrosis. The Lymphstar Pro® temporarily increases the polarity charges at the membrane, improving ion exchange.  Research in biology is advancing knowledge of the importance of the creation of ATP, which is the fuel for cellular energy. [3] 
  4. Overcomes the accommodation effect of homeostasis by delivering variable low frequencies. Certain low frequencies are known be effective in electrical stimulation. However, Vibratory Signals  can be adapted to with repetition. By varying the low frequency pulses in a unique way, the Lymphstar Pro® is more effective over time. This "dynamically pulsed ionic field" gives the Client a symphony of frequencies that cells and systems can utilize to raise their vibratory rates.  This concept is supported by standard and new concepts in biology. [4]
  5. Low energy electrical fields create an activation of the circulating energy of the meridians and acupuncture points, which should flow properly as part of our normal body functions. There are deep meridians in the body that are an integral part of this system. This is in agreement with concepts in Eastern medicine and is supported by scientific study. [5]
  6. Now, additional vibrational energy modalities are available for the Lymphstar Pro Fusion® model. These 7 evidence-based modalities, with our proprietary frequency circuits, offer the finest, comprehensive therapeutic system in the world. See our website at Call for a therapist or sales associate near you. 1-888-730-1053. 
Footnotes: *List of contra-indications: DO NOT use with unexplained calf pain, blood clots, a pacemaker, cancer, and congestive heart failure, or leave unattended people who are infirm, or in children under the age of 13.
[1] TE Croley 2005, Gutenlase Energy Research Center, Denton, TX for Arcturus Star Products LLP
[2] T.F. Valone, Biolectromagnetic Healing - A Rationale for Its Use, Integrity Research Institute, Washington, D.C. pages 61-97.
[3] Burnstock, Geoffrey and Khakh, Baljit S:  "The Double Life of ATP" - Scientific American December 2009
[4] Tsong, 1989, Szent- Gyorgi, A 1960; summarized by B. Lipton, The Biology of Belief, 005. Pages 100 121.
[5] Croley, T.E. and Carlson, Mary; Histology of the Acupuncture Point' Amer. J. Acupuncture, Vol. 19, No.3, 1991

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