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Why Health Conscious Individuals Should Try LET Therapy!

What Health and Beauty Applications is Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy used for?

With lymphatic enhancement we have seen the therapy effective for breast health, pain syndromes, edema, immunity problems, post-operative & injury healing (orthopedic, cosmetic, oncology, sports), rejuvenating aging skin, hormone balancing, stress states, and much more.

For beautiful skin, the therapy improves the circulation and drainage to improve the overall function of collagen formation. In order to diminish the signs of aging. regular use is recommended.



Therapy for Breast tissue complications:

  • Tenderness/pain

  • Fibrocystic breast disease

  • Lumps

  • Swelling

  • Postoperative breast surgery


LET is helpful for minimizing breast cancer risk and for helping women mitigate the side effects of breast

cancer surgery. “Other than through the lymph system, breast tissue does not have a lot of ways to move fluid and toxins out,” says Nita Desai, MD, founder and director of East West Integrative Medicine, a holistic practice in Louisville, CO.


“The two things that help lymph flow are deep breathing and exercise—which a lot of women don’t do. Then, they put on underwire bras, which create more constriction and further stasis.”

This may not seem medically significant. But consider that extracellular fluid in the breasts contains high hormone concentrations— and exogenous toxins.


“Breast tissue is like a sponge, holding all that fluid with all the hormones and toxins that are in the water. So if there’s no movement of fluid, the tissue gets exposed to higher levels for much longer periods,” Dr. Desai has stated numerous times. Given what is known about the negative influence of estrogens and environmental toxins on breast cancer risk, this is an issue worthy of serious consideration. Another way to think about the lymph flow is if you move the fluid out, you also move the hormones out


While there are no studies to show that LET or any other lymph drainage technique definitively prevents breast cancer, it is reasonable to think that it could play a significant role in reducing risk.



Modern Lifetyles

Modern lifestyles substantially add to impaired lymph function.
These include tight clothing, lack of exercise, unhealthy food and abuse of food,
electronic and chemical pollution, chronic stress, poor sleep, and hormone mimics
called endocrine disruptors from plastics, air pollution, drugs, herbicides, and
pesticides. These all burden the free flow of lymph.


Benefits of LET Therapy

• It improves the FLOW of circulating lymph, blood, and bio-energy.

• Enhances the release of toxins through the lymphatic system with vibrational energies.

• Mi'gates the 'healing crises' seen with other detoxification therapies;

• Relaxing, rejuvenating, clients love the therapy.

• Will maximize all of your current lifestyle improvements and holistic therapies such as massage & bodywork, nutritional & herbal therapies, physical exercise, skin brushing, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, and mind-body techniques, yoga, etc.

• Works more efficiently and deeper than Manual Lymph Drainage techniques alone.


We believe if you have LET treatment you are detoxifying your body and strongly recommend looking closely at the current personal care products you are using as well as the ingredients. Why put more chemicals on your body if you can prevent it? There has not been a law passed since 1938 regarding the safety of personal care products. Companies can add pretty much anything to their products and sell. We believe in safety and education, therefore, we recommend Beauty Counter to all of our patients. They look at each ingredient, safety, and performance when developing their products. We sample to all our patients upon request. You can also visit

In Summary. The Lymphstar Pro's comprehensive vibrational technologies assist with fluid and energy flow. The use of this therapy opens up the lymphatic cleansing channels to amplify the body's natural detoxification and decongestion systems. It improves the FLOW of circulating lymph, blood, and bio-energy. You can be assured that it will maximize all of your lifestyle and therapeutic efforts to improve your health, vitality, and the beauty of the skin.  It will support therapies like massage & bodywork, nutritional & herbal therapies, physical exercise, skin brushing, esthetic and cosmetic procedures, and mind-body techniques, etc.


Vibrant Health and Beauty are the Result of an Uncongested Lymphatic System.

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